IRS Website

For businesses:

For individuals:

Possibly the best tax resource on the internet, the IRS website has lots of articles and information, FAQs, links to forms, and other useful tax-related resources for businesses and individuals.

Tax Topics

One of the most comprehensive tax resources available, this site is organized by topic with links to information and resources. It's intended to be a "gateway to tax resources available on the World Wide Web," and it delivers.

Another comprehensive directory of internet resources for tax-related issues. Topics are organized by category with many useful links. includes a complete directory of state links to state tax agencies, state tax laws, and other state-specific information.

TaxProf Blog

Here's a tax blog that is thorough, up-to-date, and reliable -- and good reading too. It is updated frequently so it's an excellent resource for current tax news.

MSN Money

Lots of articles and advice on general tax issues and questions, including practical advice and help for doing personal taxes.

Wall Street Journal/Taxes

Includes links to recent tax-related news articles from the Wall Street Journal. Also links to SmartMoney's Tax Blog, which covers tax news and issues for families, investors, and small business owners.


An excellent site with links to tax blogs and tax-related news articles. The headlines for articles and blog posts are featured so you can scan the homepage for information and topics of interest.Type your paragraph here.